Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Below are pictures of new creation invented by Raiyan Adila Craft are ID or Matric Card Holder that have many types of colour. Thus, you can choose which colour that you are preferred to. Anyone may get it especially for those who are wearing this at college, University or even workplace. With this new design, you will look more fun for whole day when you start wear it. Please do not wait while stock is available !! Thank you. 

Code Item : ID or Matric Card Holder 
RM 6 per each ( Ready Made)
RM 8 per each ( Customade :- Follow Customer Design)


Anonymous said...

Cantiknya! Nak custom-made boleh tak? :D

~Raiyan Adila~ said...

Boleh..sila email kepada dan nyatakan detail barangan tersebut..seterusnya tunggu feedback ya..thanksss Syita Chan

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