Monday, 30 April 2012

Dear Customer, 
Hi ! and good evening to all of you for today. Wishes you all have a great day today. By the way, for your information tonight I have something special to show in my craft's world. I strongly confident that you will excited of following stuffs shown. Actually, I already came out with new design craft that called as bear. Please have a look and hurry to get it by make an order!!

Code Item :  Onish Bear
RM 7  with or without add word (exclude postage service)

Sample Onish Bear with add word


Thursday, 26 April 2012

There is one more cute craft that include in  the World of Raiyan Adila such hand phone strap. I strongly believe, this is most popular stuff always looking by girls as their accessories. Come on girls !! You are invited to buy it and enjoy it. For sure, you become more cheerful. Please have a look girls. Those for guys, you also may buy and get it for your beloved or special one!. 

 Code Item : Hand phone Strap (1)
RM 1.50

Code Item : Hand phone Strap (2) - With love
RM 2.50

Dear Customer,
Hi!, and  good evening to all of you. At this moment, i would like to introduce another amazing craft in this Raiyan Adila's collection. Hopefully this might attract all of you to get it. So, what are you waiting for?. Let's make an order from now on. Please have a look! I believe you will enjoy it. :)

Code Item : Coin Purse
RM 3.50 ( per each ) 

Coin Purse ( View From Inside ) - Lining used inside coin purse

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dear customer, 

Picture below shown the sample of Big Froggie Craft with word. Thus, anyone may make order for this product following your preferences. You may determine whatever words to put on Big Froggie and also whatever colour you like to put. Definitely, I am sure you will fall in love with its uniqueness. Show that your heart full with lots of love to your friends and special one by make this Big Froggie as a gift to his/her. 

Code Item : Big Froggie (2) - With Word
RM 15
Hi !, Here I have something that give  excitement to all of you. Actually, it is about the impression of craft's world. For those who are very interested to get all the stuffs such shown below please do order. You may get it for your own or get it as gift to someone that special for you. I am sure you will feel very happy with it !!  Please have a look.

  Code Item : Big Froggie (1) -  Without Add Word
RM 15 ( A4 size)

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